Demi Lovato's Inspiring Beauty Mantra Will Make You Love Her Even More

Demi Lovato
Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

If there were ever a girl power beauty guru we'd look up to, it would definitely be Demi Lovato for her skill in dishing out tips on creating the trendiest makeup looks with some ever-so-inspirational words of wisdom peppered into the mix. During a recent event to preview her upcoming line with NYC Color Cosmetics, the star shared her empowering beauty mantra with us, which we're immediately putting into practice and quoting at every given opportunity. "The most powerful piece of advice I learned was that I had to stop comparing myself to other people; it's something just about every woman does. You know—is she prettier? Does she have a better body? Is she funnier? Whatever it is," Lovato tells us. "There's always gonna be someone else, but you have to be excited about what you have because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you look like. It's just about what purpose you serve on Earth." Hands up if that's the realest thing you've read all day, or like, ever.

Lovato had been given this advice before, though it took a little while for her to put it into practice and understand what it meant. Knowing everything she knows now, it's the same thing she'd tell her younger self. "You have to learn to love yourself—that's the most important thing," she continues. "You're going to be able to accomplish so much more and attract so many more people when you love yourself, because it shows."

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