The singer is apparently now in a relationship.


Surprise! Demi Lovato has a new boyfriend.

The singer took to Instagram on Wednesday morning with a unexpected mirror selfie featuring her new partner, model Austin Wilson.

"My ❤..." Demi captioned the simple black-and-white photo, which finds Austin planting a sweet kiss on Demi's cheek. This is the first mention Demi has made of any sort of relationship as of late, and while she didn't explicitly call Austin her boyfriend, the signs are pretty obvious.

Austin took to his own personal Instagram with another mirror selfie of him with one arm around Demi and his screaming pink hair on display.

He shared a similar caption with "My Love," with a smitten emoji, so it's safe to say this couple is definitely in some sort of romantic relationship. Still, there's no concrete evidence of how long the pair have been dating just yet.

Austin Wilson is a model based in Los Angeles. His edgy style with plenty of tattoos and brightly-colored hair definitely makes him stand out from the crowd – two things we already know Demi loves herself. It's not clear just yet how he and Demi met or how long they've been dating, but it looks like they already have plenty in common.

Austin's father is pro skater George Wilson of Z-Boys, and owns a clothing company called Rivi Goods, but he's also pretty close to his mother, if a quick glance through his Instagram is any indication of what he's like – seems like a great match for Demi!

As this new chapter of Demi's dating life unfolds, it'll be interesting to see more of the couple together, and potentially learn more about how they met, how long they've been together, and how serious it is. Though Demi's absolutely entitled to her privacy, it's great to see her thriving.