Strong is sexy.

By Christopher Luu
Updated May 15, 2019 @ 9:45 pm

Instead of catching her breath, looking like a crazy person, and counting down the seconds to her next shower, post-workout Demi Lovato is shining in a good way, not dripping with sweat. In the singer's latest Instagram post, she can be seen basking in a post-workout glow and getting real about feeling sexy — and strong.

Lovato has talked about her passion for jiu jitsu in the past and the time that she knocked out her trainer's tooth was one more reason the badass talent impressed us. But Lovato's latest post isn't to brag about her skills in the ring, instead, she's just letting everyone know that even she's not all glammed up, she feels sexy. It's not just about looks for her, Lovato explains that part of feeling sexy to her is being able to defend herself.

Demi Lovato - Lead
Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

She goes on to say that she hopes everyone can find a passion, just like she found jiu jitsu. That way, everyone can feel good about themselves, no matter what they look like, because the passion comes from somewhere within.

"Idk what to caption this.. reality is I’m sitting at the gym post jiu jitsu feeling high on life and drinking my post workout shake. I'm sweaty and not looking this glamorous right now but fuck I feel awesome and posting this feels empowering because I like this pic where I feel sexy and I can also defend myself from anyone that ever tries to attack me," she wrote. "Any size, any shape, any gender. I have security but in the moments I'm alone I feel confident (no pun intended) that I can hold my own against an attacker and hope everyone finds something they become as passionate about as I feel about jiu jitsu."

Lovato has been vocal about body image for almost her entire career, but lately, the subject has come up more often. Back in March, The Inquisitr published an article with the headline "Demi Lovato Appears To Have A Fuller Figure After Working Up A Sweat In LA." She responded with a post on social media, writing, "I AM MORE THAN MY WEIGHT." Lovato's actions earned her an apology from the author of the story, which she posted to social media as well, adding, "let's create change together."

With her latest post, she's definitely doing her part to create change by showing everyone that sexy isn't one specific thing — it can be a sweaty post-workout selfie in a leopard print bikini.