This Delivery Service May Be the Shortcut to French Style, Plus 5 Tips from a Native Parisian

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Calling all Francophiles—if you, like us, feel like you're on a never-ending quest to add some French style to your life, you're in luck. Native Parisian Jessica Barouche, who now calls Dallas home, has a rather simple answer: "It's not about dressing well or eating well, it's about living well," she says. And she ought to know—Barouche is the founder of BeFRNCH, a consulting firm that advises American clients on how to add a bit of this bon vivant–attitude into every aspect of their life, from dressing to traveling and even hosting a dinner party.

And now, Barouche is making it even easier to add a bit of that French way of living to their lives with her new Birchbox-style delivery service, OuiPlease, that promises to bring France right to your doorstep. Each month's shipment contains fashion, beauty, home, and epicure products from a different region of France (a sample is pictured below). We had to ask Barouche, who seems to have made it her mission to bring the French lifestyle overseas, her top tips for adding a bit of that sought-after attitude to every aspect of our lives.

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1. When it comes to fashion, less is more. "I would always recommend quality over quantity," Barouche says, adding that she advises her clients to go for more neutral colors when purchasing clothes. Also, don't follow trends. "The thing about french style is we [are] wearing our personality. We're wearing who we are." She notes that French women figure out what looks good on them and shop only in that style, never buying into trends. "It's a signature look, that's what I'm trying to help my clients to find."

2. Don't overdo it with the makeup, either. "We don't brush our hair too much, we don't do like too many things. We're trying minimal makeup," the Parisian says of her native culture's attitude towards cosmetics. For her, red lipstick can take a look from day to night in a flash while still keeping your makeup minimal.

3. Another go-to item in every French woman's arsenal? A colorful scarf. "We like wearing black, and so a colorful scarf will always freshen up your style."

4. Enjoy your food. "Make each meal an event," Barouche says, and cook more. While French women do go out and enjoy themselves, ordering wine and cheese and dessert (quelle horreur), they enjoy most of their meals at home, taking the time to savor each bite and again favoring quality over quantity.

5. With that being said, make a point to savor every aspect of your life, even the ones that can seem mundane. "We're more about being than doing," she says. "Let's just enjoy the moment, share the moment, because it's priceless and has meaning for us."

OuiPlease's first shipment, titled "Paris, I Miss You," ships on Dec. 11. Sign up for yours now at!

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