By Erin Lukas
Updated Oct 08, 2018 @ 5:15 pm
The Ordinary Instagram
Credit: deciem/Instagram

Deciem expanded into the United States in 2018, the same year that we learned Kim Kardashian is a fan — with an expansion and a co-sign like that, Deciem was poised to keep growing. And while the brand made some headlines, it was Deciem founder Brandon Trauxe's erratic Instagram posts that really made waves.

In January 2018, Truaxe took over the company's Instagram profile and began posting bizarre, transparent videos , even using the social media platform to direct his employees. In February 2018, Truaxe let go of co-founder Nicola Kilner, and in April, he fired Deciem's entire U.S. staff. In June, Truaxe announced that The Ordinary was leaving Sephora for Ulta, However, it seems the deal between Deciem and the beauty retailer never materialized. In May, he wrote a now-deleted open letter on Deciem's website where he alludes to financial wrongdoing on the part of one of Deciem's shareholders.

And on Oct. 8, Truaxe announced on Instagram that Deciem is temporarily shutting down.

“This is the final post of Deciem. We will shut down all operation until further notice, which is about two months,” Truaxe says in the video. He doesn't stop there. After asking viewers to take him seriously, he goes on to allege that "almost everyone at Deciem has been involved in major criminal activity."

In the video's caption, Truaxe threatens criminal charges, and follows with a list of high-profile names and companies, including Estée Lauder who invested in Deciem in 2017.

Watch the video announcement for yourself:

Despite that The Ordinary's products consistently sell out and the brand launched at Sephora, Truaxe has been vocal about the company's growing pains as it struggled to keep up with consumer demand.

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It looks as though Deciem's future may be unclear, so there's no better time to stock up on your favorite The Ordinary products while you still can.