There's nothing quite like a day spent with your favorite girls. Just ask ​Debra Messing, who hung out with some of her most cherished gal pals—Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Amy Adams—this weekend at Jen Klein's 19th Annual Day of Indulgence party, which has been known to bring out the who's who in Tinseltown.

The Will & Grace actress documented the day of fun and shopping on Instagram, taking some epic selfies to celebrate. "So so happy to reunite with these amazing women! " the star captioned a photo of herself with Berry and Banks. Amazing, indeed!

Messing also reunited with her Smash co-star McPhee for the ultimate love fest. "SMASH ALERT! At the #DayofIndulgence soirée ran into my favorite 😸," she inscribed a selfie of the gorgeous duo. "Some of my most favorite memories at work were with this one."

And last, but not least was a snap with her fellow redhead Amy Adams, leading Messing down memory lane. "Every time I see Amy I flash back to the two of us, babies, in London, filming "The Wedding Date," Messing said. "Laughing, being silly, standing up out of the sunroof of a limo, dancing, waving and screaming to passerbyes, in the middle of the night. The city was so alive that night and so were we. Faux half-sisters forever."

Messing clearly had the best weekend ever, with some of the world's most incredible women. Looking good, ladies!