Deborah Lippman/Genie in a Bottle - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

Even though I love painting my nails with fun, bold colors (especially when I want to fake a golden tan), there’s something oddly refreshing about going au naturel. The only problem? My nails aren’t all that attractive without any polish, which is one reason why I keep them covered with regular manicures. Luckily, when I came across Deborah Lippmann’s nail-enhancing treatment called Genie in a Bottle ($20;, I finally found the solution I was searching for.

When it first landed on my desk, I assumed it was just a pretty purple shade inspired by Christina Aguilera’s iconic music video (which would be kind of awesome considering it was my anthem during the summer of ‘99). But once I saw it being described as an “Illuminating Nail Tone Perfector,” I knew it was worthy of a closer look. The same way a purple shampoo can cancel out brassy tones in blonde hair, the violet pigments in the formula work to neutralize the appearance of stained, yellowing nails. After swiping on two coats, my nails appeared brighter and healthier-looking, complete with a subtle iridescent tint. And because the polish boasts a nourishing blend of green tea and biotin, it doubles as a strengthening treatment.

You can use it as a base coat, but I prefer to wear it on those days I want to flaunt my natural nails (without the scary thought of going completely bare).

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