Dean Threw a Huge Fashion Curveball During 'Men Tell All'

We tried very hard to listen during The Bachelorette's blazing "Men Tell All" episode. But honestly, Dean's blazer was so damn distracting, we're going to have to go back and review the footage. What did we miss? We'll find out when we rewind the tape and pop a second batch of popcorn. (Okay, pour a second glass of bubbly. It's Monday.)

But in the meantime, can we just discuss Dean's jacket? This whole season, the 26-year-old has played his style pretty low-key. (I mean, low-key for someone with an inner lip tattoo.) He tended toward jeans and loosely fitted t-shirts, paired with sneakers. You know, your typical cute-boyfriend-from-central-casting look.

But when Dean sauntered out onto Chris Harrison's stage looking like camo-print Ken doll in that jacket and bow tie, we did a major double take. Ladies and gentlemen, Dean has a LEWK! Where's the fashion rose?

Here he is hanging out with his buds before the show, giving us a peek at that jacket and reminding us all just how electric his baby blues are. You can almost, but not quite, see his POLKA-DOT SOCKS in this shot. This is not a drill. Dean's playful socks were in the house.

We don't know, guys! Rachel had some tough decisions to make. If this is his look for Men Tell All, just imagine what Dean's groom outfit would be!

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