Daylight Savings Is Over! 9 Things to Do With Your Extra Hour

Daylight Savings Time
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Yesterday marked the final day of Daylight Savings Time, and while that may mean it's going to be darker at 5 p.m. today than it was 24 hours earlier, it also means you get an extra hour to indulge in whatever you'd like. While you could spend that time binging on Netflix or, you know, sleeping, you could also do something a bit more productive or even adventurous. Lucky for you, we rounded up eight things for you to do with that extra 60 minutes.

Give yourself a mani: Instead of a regular manicure that will last only a few days, why not DIY a gel mani that will last you a few weeks. Red Carpet Manicure's diamond-infused sets will give you a sparkly sheen perfect for the start of the holiday season.

Try aerial yoga: After a candy and booze-filled weekend, the perfect way to detox is a sweat session. Aerial yoga incorporates hanging hammocks into a typical yoga workout and may just turn your workout upside down.

Treat your skin: Another thing that may need a bit of detoxing is your face. Wash away all the face paint and other impurities brought on by Halloween with Lauren Conrad's two-ingredient face mask recipe.

Make some soup: If you're looking for something to do with all of those pumpkins you used as decorations, Mimi Thorisson's recipe for pumpkin soup is a delicious way to do so, and you can eat it for dinner all week!

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DIY a terrarium: Now that you've done away with your pumpkin décor, it's time for something new and long-lasting. This step-by-step DIY for creating your own terrarium will add some mossy serenity to your home or office.

Clean your closet: If you're looking to do some fall cleaning, we've rounded up the best way to it. Whether you want to store some clothes or get rid of them altogether, these are the apps and sites you need to know about.

Read a book: Want to add on to your fashion instead of deplete it? Instead of buying new clothes, why not do so in the way of a book? We've got five fashion-centric books for you to read, and today is the perfect day to start on one of them.

Listen to Serial: This new podcast is seriously addicting (and free!). While most of the episodes are 30 minutes, the first one, "Alibi," is just short of an hour—listen to it while you do one of the above or just enjoy it on its own.

Check out all the celeb Halloween costumes: Sad that Halloween weekend is coming to a close? Us, too! Relive all of this year's celebrity costumes (and maybe get some inspiration for next year) in our celeb Halloween costume gallery.

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