By Jennifer Davis
Updated Oct 09, 2014 @ 2:46 pm
Jennifer Meyer
Credit: Instagram/instylemagazine

InStyle's Instagram got a serious dose of Los Angeles cool yesterday thanks to jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer. She took over our account to give our followers a peek into what her every day life is like, and--spoiler alert--it's just as stylish as her jewelry.

During the course of the takeover, Meyer shared seven photos and one video, documenting her day as a busy (and very chic) working mom of two. Our Instagram followers couldn't get enough of her gorgeous photos, but if you weren't able to follow along, checkout everything that she shared throughout the day below.

1. Good morning @instylemagazine!! I’m up early and just out of the shower! So excited to be taking over your Instagram today! I can tell that we are going to be great friends :) xo, Jen @jenmeyerjewelry #jennifermeyer #JMinstyle

2. My absolute favorite part of the day is taking my babies to school, doesn't this picture just melt your heart?! (and yes my son has rain boots on and it’s 80 degrees). xo, Jen @jenmeyerjewelry #jennifermeyer #JMinstyle

3. It's another beautiful day in LA! Headed into the office, never without a coffee in hand. xo, Jen @jenmeyerjewelry #jennifermeyer #JMinstyle #itswhyweliveinlababy

4. First stop is straight to my desk to see what’s new! xo, Jen @jenmeyerjewelry #jennifermeyer #JMinstyle

5. People say less is more, I say more is more!!! Here’s how we stack it up... xo, Jen @jenmeyerjewelry#jennifermeyer #JMinstyle

6. And voila!! Here's the final look! xo, Jen @jenmeyerjewelry #jennifermeyer #JMinstyle

7. Caught in the act - quick change and a little organization before heading out of the office for the night. xo, Jen @jenmeyerjewelry #jennifermeyer #JMinstyle

8. Thanks@instylemagazine for having me! There’s nothing better than a gorgeous evening spent with some of my favorites. I hope that everyone has an amazing night! Until next time...xo, Jen @jenmeyerjewelry#jennifermeyer #JMinstyle

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