By Christopher Luu
Updated Sep 18, 2018 @ 9:45 pm

Before he landed his role as Dr. (not that kind of doctor) Ross Geller on Friends, David Schwimmer wasn't exactly an unknown. He'd landed roles on The Wonder Years, Blossom, and NYPD Blue. But there's no doubt that Friends was his breakout role. He, along with his cast mates, vaulted into America's consciousness with their first latte at Central Perk. But it's been over two decades since the premiere of Friends and since then, Schwimmer's done more than just look at dinosaur bones. But how much is he worth now?

According to The Richest, Schwimmer is worth a cool $80 million. Of course, most of that is coming from Friends and the cash that the actor rakes in from the show's reruns. But the 51-year-old actor has plenty of other listings on his resume that could account for his bank account, too.

David Schwimmer Vital Voices Global Partnership: 2017
Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Kiddos may not know him from Friends, but they'll certainly recognize Schwimmer's voice. He's done a lot of voice acting with the Madagascar series and every self-respecting animation fan knows just how many sequels and spin-offs that colorful franchise has. And it's not just commercial fare, either. A few of his projects have gained a bit of a cult following. Band of Brothers and American Crime Story have put him in the ranks of prestige TV veterans and he's even directed a film, Run Fatboy Run (kudos to you if you remember that he had a cameo in the movie, too).

Schwimmer's IMDb page doesn't have much listed for the actor in the coming year, so it looks like he's sitting pretty on royalties and residuals from Friends. According to Money Inc., reruns of the sitcom brings Warner Bros. about one billion dollars every year. In their contract negotiations, each cast member managed to get 2% of that payday, making for some pretty comfortable living post-sitcom. $20 million coming in from reruns? Compared to about $59,040, which is what paleontologists like Dr. Ross Geller make on average according to Chron — that's a lot of bones.