The eyeroll emoji says it all. 


What does Victoria Beckham wear on a boat?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, she goes all-out on the formalwear — think a pristine white maxi dress and golden chained necklace, with her hair in an artfully tousled updo. Her husband, David Beckham, however, seemed rather unimpressed with her somewhat impractical boat attire, posting a photo of her to his Instagram story, writing, "I mean come on really," complete with an eyeroll emoji.

He also tagged her in the post, adding "Boat wear @victoriabeckham Style."

David Beckham Jokingly Mocked Victoria's Vacation Fashion Choices
Credit: davidbeckham/Instagram.

The Beckhams have been spending the summer on vacation in Italy and the south of France with their children, Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo, and Harper. Oh, and they've been out on a yacht with Elton John. (Sounds like Elton's having a grand time entertaining his famous pals this summer.)

Victoria's boat outfit might not be the most pragmatic,but would you really expect the fashion designer known for her sheath dresses to do any less, even on vacation?