While you may have been aware that a new movie about the famous legend of King Arthur is coming out soon, we bet you had no idea that David Beckham has a small part in the stacked film.

The former soccer star took to Instagram on Tuesday with a behind-the-scenes photo from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, featuring some intense stage makeup, giving Beckham's flawless complexion a gnarly scar and some yellow, rotten teeth. "Rough day at the office," he cheekily captioned the photo, tagging the movie's Instagram handle, and its director, Guy Ritchie. According to IMDb, Beckham will be taking on the role of a Blackleg leader.

The movie is pretty much a hotbed of Hollywood hunks, with Charlie Hunnam starring as King Arthur, Eric Bana as his father Uther Pendragon, and Jude Law as the reigning King Vortigern. If you weren't a fan of action-packed fantasy films before this, we bet you will be after watching these smoke shows the movie.

The film hits theaters on May 12, and we'll be lining up to buy tickets as soon as possible. Too much hotness in one place to miss out!