By Erin Lukas
Updated Jan 09, 2018 @ 10:30 am
David Beckham
Credit: David M Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

David Beckham, purveyor of the man bun, is officially cementing his status as a male beauty icon with the launch of his men's grooming line, HOUSE 99.

The soccer superstar has partnered with L'Oreal Luxe to launch a 13 innovative products that range from moisturizer to a beard and hair balm and everything in-between. Beckham had an active role in the line from testing products, choosing fragrances, and finalizing the logos on the black and white packaging.

"I’m so excited to finally share House 99 with everyone around the world!," Beckham said in a statement. "For me, grooming is not only about how you look, but how you feel. It’s about being comfortable, trying new things and shaping your next look. I created House 99 to give people the inspiration as well as the right products to experiment and feel completely at home doing so."

When formulating the line with L'Oreal Luxe, Beckham was inspired by British barbershop culture and merging it with hair, skin, beard, and tattoo expertise to create products that are both functional for men's every day grooming routines as well as transformative style options.

Beckham is known for experimenting with his look, and his goal for the line is for men to feel comfortable to do the same—with the right products. That's where the name of the line comes in. It represents both community, but still has Beckham's personal touch. The word "HOUSE" reflects Beckham;'s goal to create a community of grooming aficionados to share style tips with, while the number "99" which he has tattooed on his hand, is the year he married wife Victoria Beckham, his first son Brooklyn was born, and his team Manchester United won the treble.

You can get a first look at what the grooming looks like according to HOUSE 99 with an exclusive behind-the-scenes shot of Beckham from the campaign shoot for the line here:

David Beckham
Credit: Courtesy of Loreal Luxe

All 13 of HOUSE 99's grooming products will be available exclusively at Ulta beginning March 4, 2018.