David Beckham Is Getting Shade from Game of Thrones Fans for a Crazy Reason

Game of Thrones fans in the U.K. have a new public enemy No. 1 and, no, it’s not Euron Greyjoy. Instead, David Beckham is the man on top of their Arya Stark-style list for posting Thrones spoilers on his Instagram Story without any heads-up.

While viewers in the U.S. may not have seen a problem with Beckham posting clips from Sunday’s episode, “The Queen’s Justice,” to his Story, fans across the pond were annoyed that they unwittingly came across spoilers from the episode, a day before it aired in the U.K. Apparently, Beckham was a fan of those high-tension scenes between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, judging by his use of the fire emoji.

While the Internet is typically filled with Game of Thrones spoilers in the hours after an episode airs, it’s fair to say that fans who were avoiding Thrones content may not have been expecting to come across a scene from the episode while innocently clicking through Beckham’s Story.

Maybe next time he’ll post a little spoiler warning on the ‘gram before he starts going all video crazy during Sunday night’s episode.

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But until then, Thrones fans, you’ve been warned.

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