When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And that’s why today, Wednesday, August 9, we’re officially offering our help to a man in need: David Beckham.

The 42-year-old hunk, athlete, husband, father of four, and Instagram wiz took to social media Tuesday night to share an image that makes us want to give the poor guy a hug. No, he’s not crying or suffering from an emotional meltdown. Instead, he looks extremely confused. And he admits it!

In the below shot, Beckham, surrounded by toys, looks down at the instruction manual while trying to put together Lego pieces. Some people have trouble using their creativity to build something out of nothing and simply smash Lego pieces together into tiny cubes. But unlike these people, Beckham has greater goals in mind.

He wrote, “Page 1 of the Disney castle, 4,000 pieces, 490 pages of instructions. I look confused, but I’m so excited.”

Take a minute to absorb those facts. 4,000 pieces? One of them is bound to get lost. And what if it’s the tippy-top of the castle? 490 pages? Sounds extensive, even for voracious readers.

David, we feel you. But something tells us little Harper, David and Victoria Beckham’s cutie 6-year-old girl, is the reason he’s so committed to making this castle come to life.

If you need help, DM us.