If you've ever tried a dating site before before, you know that it can sometimes feel like a struggle.

Spending a day swiping left and right through profiles can get old if you're scouting for someone with that special specific spark. Well, never fear, because there is now an app that lets you find dates who look like your specific crushes.

The app—appropriately called—uses facial recognition software to match you to attractive look-alikes. You can upload a face of your favorite celebrity (or even someone you know in real life) and will scan through Tinder and other dating sites like Match or Plenty of Fish for faces that look similar.

Presumably, you could even match with an actual celebrity, if they're on the platform.

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While the tech itself seems to work well, it isn't exactly fully approved by the dating sites themselves yet. A spokesperson from Tinder told Buzzfeed that they “contacted the developer to inform them that the app is violating our terms, and we have been told that they will address the issue.”

A rep from Plenty of Fish also talked to Buzzfeed, and said that that the site was trying to get removed from the iTunes app store.

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While the dating sites might not be too happy with right now, we still think this kind of technology could (literally) change the face of virtual dating.

And let's face it, that can only be a good thing.