Comic-Con International 2015 - Day 3
Credit: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

If there were any way to separate himself from his former Harry Potter persona, Daniel Radcliffe's new haircut would be it. This week, the star took to his Google Plus account to give us a sneak peek at his role of FBI agent Nate Foster in Imperium. The upcoming film is based around true events, and Radcliffe's character must go undercover to infiltrate the plans of a Neo-Nazi gang plotting to make a dirty bomb. He certainly has the undercover aspect nailed down, as we almost didn't recognize him, though this is hardly the first time he's changed up his look for a role. Back in 2013, Radcliffe added extensions to play Igor in Victor Frankenstein, and recently grew a massive beard for the BBC 2 show Game Changers, based around the creator of the Grand Theft Auto video game. Defintiely bold moves, though we figure that's just the Gryffindor in him. Scroll down to take a closer look at his hair—or lack thereof.