Kirstie Alley
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC via Getty

Kirstie Alley suffered another awkward moment on this week's Dancing With the Stars performance episode. After last week's tumbling fall when partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy's leg has a spasm, Alley had shoes problems this go around! In the middle of her waltz to “The Flower Duet,” her shoe came unbuckled. This was an unfortunate event, but not unlikely, the show's costume designer Randall Christensen told InStyle. "It is a very rare occasion that a dance shoe comes off mid performance, but I have seen it happen many times in my career," Christensen said. "Just like all of the other dancers, Kirstie got it together and continued to dance, with her shoe only half on. A credit to her experience performing, and her professionalism!" A credit indeed, as Alley was voted to stay in the running to compete for the title another week.