Petra Nemcova
Credit: Getty Images

The celebrity contestants on Dancing With the Stars upped their game during last night’s show with jives and quicksteps galore! And besides learning new moves, they’re also incorporating style tricks into their performances, such as model Petra Nemcova’s slick costume change in the middle of her jive routine to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” The show’s costume designer Randall Christensen worked with Nemcova and her partner Dmitry Chaplin to create the look from scratch. “We did not want just a tear away skirt as it can sometimes be a bit predictable,” Christensen told InStyle. “We opted for the tear away to come from the empire area, so the midriff would be exposed afterwards.” However, the day of the show, he had to make a few emergency tweaks. “The dress was held together with snaps originally, but the snaps held too well, and we had to replace the snaps with Velcro after rehearsal,” Christensen said. “Petra was a bit concerned as to how strong the Velcro was and the amount of energy and strength needed to tear it away. But Petra is so dedicated and focused to what she is doing, and did not panic. What a dream lady to work with!” But will it take her to next week's episode... we'll see! Click through to see what the rest of the contestants wore on last night’s episode!