Dancing With the Stars: Kirstie Alley and Kendra Wilkinson's Sheer Looks!

Dancing With the Stars
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Dancing With the Stars delivered another entertaining episode last night, and the costumes by designer Randall Christensen were just as interesting as the dancing. Sheer overlays were one of last night's most popular fabrics, as seen on Kirstie Alley and Kendra Wilkinson. “Both Kirstie and Kendra chose songs that were rumbas, which is such a romantic dance, and the slowest of all the Latin dances,” Christensen told InStyle. “In order to enhance slow, deliberate body movement, it's quite the challenge to get the costume to move with every subtle step. A sheer overlay not only adds ripples and flow to the dance, it also softens the lines, and adds that romantic tone to their routine," he said. "And who doesn't like to get a peek at what's underneath?!” he added. We must admit, the chiffon glided across the floor, even after Maksim Chmerkovskiy’sabrupt muscle spasm sent him and Alley tumbling to the ground. Click through to see what the rest of the contestants wore on last night’s episode.

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