By Cheryl Brody Franklin
Nov 06, 2012 @ 1:38 pm

Karina Smirnoff and partner Apolo Anton Ohno performed a cha cha/paso doble fusion on last night’s Dancing With the Stars, and their outfits were some of the sexiest we’ve seen yet—Karina’s costume featured sexy cutouts and Apolo went shirtless mid-dance! “[He's] very, very shy," Karina joked with host Brooke Burke after the dance. "This took eight weeks to take off his shirt!” The pair danced to "Scream" by Usher, and Karina designed her costume with the song in mind. "I knew the outfit had to come off seductive and hard-hitting, but with a little sass, lace and an amazing peacock tail to follow right behind me," Smirnoff told exclusively. "The paso is an aggressive dance. It's serious and dramatic, and the cha cha is more sensual, energetic and complex, so I wanted to make all of these aspects come to life in my dress. I used beaded lace and a variety of different fabrics to create a layered multi-dimensional look." Sexy! Don't you think?

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