Hines and Kym
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC via Getty Images

Dancing With the Stars turned up the patriotism last night with songs and dances inspired by the United States of America. How fitting then that all-American football player Hines Ward shot straight to the top of the leaderboard with his rendition of the rumba with partner Kym Johnson! The show's costume designer Randall Christensen pulled out all stops to make sure you could see Johnson shake on the floor. "The fringe of Kym Johnson's costume needed to be long, 24 inches long, to add more swing and sway to a very romantic rumba," Christensen told us. "I felt that the longer strands would sweep around and keep the movements very fluid." Turns out, this accent is his secret weapon. "Nothing shows rhythm more than fringe!" he told us. "Fringe is just a party waiting to happen!" And it was—Ward scored highest with 27 out of 30. Click through to see the rest of the looks from last night’s Dancing With the Stars.