Dallas Season 2 Premiere Fashion: Elena's Red-Hot Dress and More!

Dallas fashion
Photo: Skip Bolen/TNT (3)

The Ewings are back! The second season of Dallas premiered last night, and we spoke with the show's costume designer, Rachel Sage Kunin, to get the inside scoop on what Elena (Jordana Brewster), Pamela Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo), and more of our favorite Texan ladies wore in the two-hour kick-off. "Red is the color of love and power, which is fitting for Elena in her return to the second season of Dallas," Kunin explained while considering Elena's scarlet Escada sheath. As for Pamela Rebecca, Kunin said, "Her Madison Marcus blouse plays with the idea of what was an original Dallas tradition, emphasizing shoulders, but instead of 'big and broad,' I am highlighting them in a modern way with these lace insets." Click through to read more about last night's looks and relive Kunin's favorite costumes from Dallas's first season.

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