Dallas Season 2, Episode 4: Pamela's Chic Maternity Style and More!

Dallas Fashion
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A new Dallasaired last night, and the episode featured classic, contemporary styles and chic maternity wear—which is why we caught up with the show's costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin to get all the details on Elena (Jordana Brewster) and Pamela's (Julie Gonzalo) looks. "Elena’s style is classic with a twist," Kunin told InStyle.com. "The feminine silhouette of the Issa dress paired with a red Tahari sweater fits Jordana Brewster’s proportions perfectly." Meanwhile, Pamela Rebecca is pregnant with twins, but that hasn't kept her from looking chic. "She is still looking fierce and sleek," Kunin said. "Almost showing, she’s starting to wear shapes that are just a tad looser around the middle." Click through the gallery to learn more about Dallas style!

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