By Cheryl Brody Franklin
Jul 12, 2012 @ 3:30 pm
Courtesy Photo

A new episode of Dallas premiered last night, and we caught up with the show’s costume designer, Rachel Sage Kunin, to get the exclusive details on why she chose some of the outfits for the fashionable Texan characters. One of our favorite looks: the sexy Escada zip-front dress Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) wore when she visited Harris Ryland, a Ewing family competitor. "Sue Ellen needed this costume to exude confidence and charm," Kunin said of the tan design. "It has amazing leather shoulder straps edged in gold chain, but the high neckline counterbalances those superbly sexy details to give it a more professional look. It fit the bill perfectly for this important business meeting." Click through for Kunin's take on more of last night's outfits.

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