The concept of Fifty Shades of Grey Mad Libs is funny it and of itself, but add Dakota Johnson, Jimmy Fallon, and a little acting session to the mix and the result is nonstop laughter.

The actress, who stars as Anastasia Steele in the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker, visited the Tonight Show on Tuesday and poked a little fun at the franchise by giving it "Mad Lib Theater" makeover.

First, Johnson and the late night emcee brainstormed random and unusual words to would replace key pieces of dialogue within the script. Then came time for them to act out the scene—and they completely lost their composures as they reimagined the first time that Johnson's character, Anastasia "Barf Barf," meets Fallon's Christian Grey.

"Your company is involved primarily in agricultural projects, feeding the world's penguins," a laughing Johnson told Fallon as she sat opposite him in Christian's office. "With that kind of passion, I wonder if your knee might be bigger than you let on,"

"Some people would say I don't have a knee at all," the host responded, unable to keep a straight face.

Watch the whole skit, including how they managed to work "Zamboni driver" and "Beyoncé" into the scene, in the video at top.