Who Gave Dakota Johnson the Right to Look This Good Right Now?

Alexa, play "Bring Me To Life." 

Hello ... is that you, Dakota Johnson? Yes, it's us calling. We were just wondering if you heard about the "rule" that we are all supposed to wear the same sweatpants three days in a row, and not wash our hair during these times?

Based on her head-to-toe look on April 12, it appears the aforementioned memo has not reached Ms. Johnson's desk, and in fact, she appears to be operating under a completely opposite rule of dress. The actress stepped out of her Los Angeles home wearing an expected, yet somehow (in these times) attention-grabbing look. She wore perfectly tailored Levi's jeans with a slight rip on the knee, a Free & Easy hoodie, silver Gucci sneakers, and oversized sunglasses. Her enviable hair was perfectly tousled, and her bangs laid at the length that is almost completely unattainable for us normals.

Dakota Johnson Jeans

Johnson's look is one that is both completely casual — jeans and sneakers are not exactly groundbreaking — and somehow, in this state of all cozy everything, the chicest thing to hit the internet this week. So goes quarantine and trying to cope, that a pair of black sunnies under coiffed bangs have us planning for the second the salons open (we will not be cutting them at home, thank you, Kelly Ripa).

Luckily, this isn't the only moment of simple inspiration the 30-year-old has given us during quarantine. In March, we got a look inside her home where we found out that she really loves limes and displays them all over her house. "They’re great. I love them so much," the denim-wearing purveyor of chic told us.

And with that, we now crown Dakota Johnson's fresh limes and perfect bangs the queens of quarantine.

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