Celebrities really are just like us in that sometimes they also get mistaken for other people. Dakota Fanning experienced this regularly by a man in her New York neighborhood who would say "Hey Olsen!" whenever he saw her, mistaking her for either Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen.

"He would say 'Hey Olsen! Hey Olsen!' and I would just keep going because then I'm the crazy person that's like 'I'm not an Olsen!' I didn't want to engage,'" she told James Corden on The Late Late Show on Monday. But apparently, she isn't the only one who often gets mistaken for other stars. Fellow guest John Stamos said when he wears his glasses, he gets mistaken for MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

But Fanning, who stars in this month's American Pastoral, doesn't seem to mind the Olsen comparison too much, as she was big fans of them as a young actress. After all, they set the bar high for child actors. "I watched all their movies that they made," she told Corden. The 22-year-old actress also went to the same high school as them (in a different class) and is friends with their sister and fellow actress Elizabeth Olsen. Small world!

Watch Dakota Fanning talk about being mistaken for an Olsen in the clip above.