Dakota and Kristen's '70s Style in The Runaways

In New York City to hype the release of their rock flick The Runaways, Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart (Fanning plays Cherie Currie, the all-girl band's lead singer, while Stewart channels Joan Jett) told us how the vintage costumes helped transport them back to the days of the pre-punk era. "I've never played that kind of character before," said Fanning, who sports school uniforms and denim jumpsuits in the film's early scenes but later struts the stage in fishnets, platform heels and barely there lingerie. Her favorite fashion moment? "Putting on a corset and performing 'Cherry Bomb' was the best," she says. To channel Jett, Stewart underwent a real-life makeover, cutting off her tresses and dying her crop black. The actress's resemblance to Jett's teenage self resulted in a few surreal moments for the present day rock icon. "She really does look a lot like me in the film," said Jett of Stewart's dead-on portrayal. "Except I didn't wear leather all the time. And I don't think I ever wore leather pants!"

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