By Faith Cummings
Jan 23, 2017 @ 1:45 pm

Barbie is the ultimate in girl power and Mattel has done a great job of modernizing the classic figure over the past few years to reflect an empowering point of view for girls all around the world. Next up for the brand is tackling gender roles, which they demonstrated in collaboration with BBDO San Francisco.

During this weekend's NFL Playoffs, a 30-second spot titled "Dads Who Play Barbie" aired. In it, a macho-presenting man confesses that Barbie time now takes precedence over his Sunday tradition of watching football.

And like so many of us have already known for decades, the dad actually has a lot of fun. "You would do anything, anything to make her happy," he reveals to the camera in between unscripted vignettes of the father and his daughter playing with a Barbie doll.

"We looked for families that consumers could not only relate to in one way or another, but that had a true and honest connection between them," Barbie's VP of Global Marketing Communications Kristina Duncan tells Adweek. "These play moments were completely unscripted, so throughout the campaign you will see imaginations run wild, genuinely funny moments, and of course the sweet tender connections between these dads and their daughters."

The 90-second clip and the shorter 30-second versions are the brand's next step in its "You Can Be Anything" movement, which in 2015 featured roles of businesswomen and doctors being played by young girls.

We hope Barbie has hopes to air one of these ads during the Super Bowl next month. Stay up to date by checking out the hashtag #DadsWhoPlayBarbie.