This Sweet Dad Cheered Up Embarrassed Daughter with an 'Accident' of His Own

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Is it too early to celebrate Father's Day?

This dad pulled the sweetest move when his daughter had an "accident" at school, which has people around the Internet calling him "dad of the year." When his kindergartner daughter Valerie got embarrassed that she wet her pants and asked to go home early, he made sure to do something to make her feel better before he left the house to pick her up.

He splashed water all over the front of his pants to make it look like he had an "accident" too, according to Mashable, so she wouldn't feel bad about it. "When he arrived to pick her up, he told her, 'Honey I need to use your backpack to cover up my accident if we are gonna get out of here,'" her older sister, Lucinda Sowards, told the site.

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Valerie giggled as she gave her dad her backpack, and they "snuck out" of the school together. Their dad's effort helped Valerie not to take her "accident" so seriously, Lucinda said. They also posed for photos together, with and without the backpack, showing off their dad's wet pants.

Not only is this dad an awesome father to his own children, but his family also fosters children regularly. In fact, they adopted four foster children Monday.

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