Credit: New York Daily News Archive/Getty Images

After months of speculation, actress Cynthia Nixon has announced her candidacy for the governor of New York.

Known for her role as Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City, Nixon made the official announcement on Monday and will run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is currently vying for his third term in office.

“New York is my home; I’ve never lived anywhere else,” Nixon says in a short film included with her announcement.

She also details her childhood growing up in the city with her mother, mentioning in the clip that her campaign will look to address issues that include mass incarceration and aging infrastructure across the city’s subway system.

“I was given chances I just don’t see for most of New York’s kids today,” Nixon said in the video.

The actress, who also has three children either currently attending or have attended public schools in the city, is known for her involvement in trying to secure education opportunities for students across the world as spokesperson for a public school advocacy organization, New York’s Alliance for Quality Education.

“I’ve been involved in fighting for more equitable school funding across New York state and in New York City as well for 15 years,” Nixon said on a prior interview with The View.

Should she win, she will also be the first openly gay woman to hold the position.

The primary elections will take place on Sep. 13, with the general election taking place on Nov. 6, 2018.