By Jennifer Davis
Updated May 23, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

Cynthia Nixon faced a tough setback in her race for the Governor of New York. The Sex and the City star failed to win the 25% of the votes from delegates at the state's Democratic convention that are required to earn her a spot on September primary ballot without rounding up thousands of signatures. Her opponent, fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo, won more than 95% of the vote, securing his spot as the incumbent.

But that doesn't mean things are over just yet. "What happened yesterday, is that Andrew Cuomo received the endorsement of the state party—a party he controls," a representative for Nixon's campaign explained to InStyle. "Everyone expected them to endorse him," they added.

Nixon can still make it on the ballot if she gets enough petition signatures across the state. "Collecting signatures is not an unexpected or major hurdle—virtually every non-incumbent does it—including Governor Cuomo the first time he ran for office," said the rep.

In a speech at Wednesday's convention, Nixon said, "I'm here because I think it's important that at a Democratic convention there be at least one Democrat running for governor." The statement was a jab at Cuomo, who did not attend.

"I'm not a protest candidate. I'm a viable candidate who is really running hard for the Democratic nomination, and that's why I'm here, to say this is my party, too, I'm not afraid and I'm here. You can't shut me out."

Maybe not all hope is lost for Nixon quite yet.