Cyndi Lauper's New Kicks Let You Support LGBT Youth

Cyndi Lauper Shoes
Photo: Mathew Guido

There aren't too many things that brighten our day like a new pair of shoes. That's why we were super excited to hear that Cyndi Lauper's latest collaboration will be available soon to add to our collection. Plus, this is what we call guilt-free shopping as it's all in support of a good cause.

True Colors Fund by Lauper has decided to team up to launch the fourth line in a series of big-name collaborations with Make a Difference Everyday, an organization dedicated to creating products that serve a purpose. Each one of their collections has united the brand with partners who are truly making a difference.

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Mathew Guido

This time they've created a cool sneaker collection with True Colors Fund which works to eliminate homelessness amongst LGBT youth. Lauper's sporty designs (above) are available for both men and women and will be sold through M4D3 in support of the group's campaign. “Everyone should feel be accepted and loved for who they are,” Lauper says in a press release. “Designing this collection in collaboration with M4D3 has given me an opportunity to support our work at the True Colors Fund through another one of my passions—shoes!”

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