By Samantha Simon
Updated Jan 01, 2015 @ 3:45 pm
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What’s a canine to do once his Instagram following hits 650,000? Put his paw print on a new collaboration, of course! Internet sensation Jiff the Pomeranian (and his team of humans) has partnered with Baublebar to launch the brand’s first-ever line of puppy collars, featuring pooch-friendly designs that are sure to get your four-legged friend's tail wagging.

It's only fitting that the jewelry line turned to the Guinness World Record-holding pomeranian for its first canine collab. Jiff is known just as much for his hip, urban-casual style as he is for his celebrity pals (he counts Katy Perry among his close friends after starring in her video for “Dark Horse”) and walking handstand abilities.

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According to his agent---yes, he has an agent---Jiff considers himself a master at coordinating his collars with his outfits. To keep his fellow canines looking fresh, he made sure that his Baublebar collab delivers a versatile range of 12 comfy collars made of genuine leather, plated metal, and acrylic---all under $50. The best part? Each one is @JiffPom-approved.

Shop the full collection at, and check out a few of our favorite collars from the collection below.

1. Royal Pet Collar ($38)

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2. Jiff Pet Collar ($38)

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3. Seer Pet Collar ($48)

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4. Pearl Pet Collar ($44)

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