Cute Critter Alert! Celebrate Earth Month With 7 Live-Streaming Animal Cams (Awww!)

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April is Earth Month, so if you're sitting in a fluorescent-lit office far removed from the wild, let these live-streaming cameras instantly connect you back to nature:

1. Otter Cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: The adorable head-bobbing otters you see won't be in these waters forever: The aquarium in Monterey, Calif., rescues, treats and releases injured ones back into the wild.

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2. Sharks in the National Aquarium's Blacktip Reef: Talk about a menagerie of aquatic animals: 779 creatures, including wobbegongs (or carpet sharks), humphead wrasse (which are giant reef-dwelling fish), and blacktip reef sharks (say that fast five times!), are housed in the $12.5 million Baltimore-based exhibit.

Sea Nettle
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3. West Coast Sea Nettle Cam: This might just be the closest you'll ever get to the tangerine-hued jellies without getting stung. The only thing they won't zap? Juvenile cancer crabs, who hide in the side surface of their bells.

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4. Koala Cam at the San Diego Zoo: Thackory and Milo, two of San Diego's 23 koalas, spend nearly the entire day drifting in and out of a slumber. The reason for their perpetual state of exhaustion? Most energy is reserved for digesting their fibrous diet.

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5. Elephant Cam at the Houston Zoo: These elephants start their day with treats and a morning bath. Fun fact? Their trunks alone contain about 100,000 different muscles.

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6. Panda Cam at the Smithsonian Zoological Park: Bao Bao, a giant panda who spends most of the day nibbling on bamboo shoots, is a rare breed. As few as 1,600 giant pandas exist in the mountains of China, making this beautiful bear among the most endangered species in the world.

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7. Chick Cam at South Mountain Creamery: The peeps from these chicks (check out their cuteness on video below) will last well through Easter. New hatchlings take the spotlight every four weeks at the Middletown, Md., facility!

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