Crystal Pepsi Is Making Its Long-Awaited Return

Crystal Pepsi - Tour 
Photo: Courtesy, Getty

The hottest caffeine-free beverage of 1992 is making a comeback, y’all!

Crystal Pepsi, the brand’s transparent cult favorite, has been in high demand since it was pulled from shelves in the '90s. The limited-edition soda returned briefly last summer to much fanfare—and outrageous eBay listings. In light of the 2016 reboot’s massive popularity, Pepsi is giving its Crystal variety one last comeback, set to launch on Aug. 14.

In addition to its brief return to the market, Pepsi will celebrate the nostalgic beverage with a FREE throwback tour! That’s right—fans in Miami, N.Y.C., and Phoenix, will have the chance to groove with their '90s faves (Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, Salt-N-Pepper, and Busta Rhymes) at baseball stadiums across the country.

"From the '90s through today Pepsi has been a brand very much connected to music and baseball. We're excited to see this special tour come to life and to celebrate Crystal Pepsi's last return,” said Chad Stubbs, the brand’s Vice President of Marketing, in a statement released on Wednesday.

You can catch a special pre-show with Busta Rhymes at Billy’s Sports Bar in N.Y.C. on Aug. 1, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath at Phoenix’s Chase Stadium on Aug. 11, and Salt-N-Pepa at Miami’s Marlins Park on Aug. 13.

Tune into your local iHeartRadio station for details on how to score the retro evening of your tattoo choker-wearing dreams.

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