By Aly Semigran
Updated Oct 22, 2014 @ 9:41 am
Cristin Milioti's middle school photo.
Credit: Courtesy

In case you needed further proof that the pre-teens are a nightmarish time in everyone's lives: even the lovely Cristin Milioti had an awkward phase back then. The A to Z actress proved it during her visit to Conan on Tuesday night where she shared a picture from middle school in which she's sporting an adorably unfortunate buzz cut.

Milioti explained to host Conan O'Brien (who marveled at the fact that the beautiful How I Met Your Mother star used to look like a little boy) that the coolest girl at her summer camp had the fateful haircut, and that she had convinced her mom to take her to the salon to get the same look. When Milioti returned to school, her classmates "were not nice," even going so far as to shove her into a locker.

But hey, joke's on them because not only is Milioti a Hollywood success story with a sense of humor about herself to boot, but she's also a stunner who now can rock a very fashionable side fishtail braid. See for yourself in the below video: