Christiano Ronaldo Promotes MTG
Credit: WireImage

Is Cristiano Ronaldo following in fellow soccer player David Beckham's footsteps with a move to the U.S.?

The Portugese soccer player reportedly purchased a $18.5 million loft apartment in New York City's Fifth Avenue Trump Tower last week. And while this doesn't necessarily confirm that the soccer player is relocating full-time to the States—which is what Beckham did in 2007 to play for the LA Galaxy—Sports Illustrated reported earlier this year that Ronaldo has plans to join a U.S. Major League Soccer team in 2018, when his contract with Spain's Real Madrid team ends. (Interestingly, both athletes have fronted underwear lines, Beckham for H&M and Ronaldo for CR7, complete with shirtless ad campaigns.)

If Ronaldo does decide to cross the pond he would make a great addition to the country—and not just for his on-field talents. The star Ronaldo recently topped's 2015 list of the most charitable athletes in the world, ahead of Serena Williams, LeBron James, and Maria Sharapova.