Crimped Hair - LEAD
Credit: Venturelli/WireImage

Next to those tattoo chokers we'd practically cart out of our local Claire's, crimped hair is another trend we thought would never make a comeback, but here we are in the year 2017, where the trend is relevant on both Gucci's Fall runway and our Instagram feeds alike. The latter category has Glampalm's ZigZag Styling Iron to thank for single-handedly bringing back the signature texture of every 1980s mall rat. Rather than a literal translation of the style from decades past, the GlamPalm rod takes an oversized approach to crimped layers.

The texture is created by winding a strand of hair through its peaks and valleys, resulting in a style that can be equated to an angular mermaid wave. This comeback is neither something we would have ever asked for nor could have anticipated, tough we have to admit, seeing the tool in action is pretty mesmerizing—especially paired with the below model's mermaid-tinted hair.

If its initial form is too graphic for your tastes, you can always loosen it out by running a few pumps of hair oil through your ends. Hit play on the video above to see the mega-crimps take shape, and if you're so compelled, shop the tool for $185 at Lizzie McGuire and her ornate half-updos would be so proud.