Create a Ponytail Straight from the Chanel Runway

We loved the awesome, creative hair from the Chanel fall 2014 runway show created by master hair guru Sam McKnight—who used actual pieces of Chanel tweed and lace in the models' hair. To take the look from the runway to reality, we toned down the look, but added our own spin on it.

For the majority of us who don't have spare designer scraps lying around, head to your nearest crafts or trimmings store (like M&J Trimming in New York City) and pick out textured, lace, or leather ribbons (you'll need about a foot for each trimming).

Then, using just your fingers, groom your hair back and pull in to a loose ponytail and secure with a thin hair band. You want your ponytail to look a little bit imperfect, so don't brush away any bumps or messiness. Tie in ribbons at the base of the ponytail, just make sure that they're not directly on top of one another. Now go out and rock that chic, unique ponytail!