This Cream Blush Technique Will Change Your Beauty Game

Cream Blush - Lead
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The word matte isn’t really in my beauty vocabulary—except when it comes to lips, but that’s a story for another day. Everything else I want dewy, shiny, and luminous at all times. So naturally, I gravitate towards cream formulas and do pretty well with tinted moisturizer, liquid shadows, mousse bronzer, etc. But blush always tripped me up. Every pot, stick, gel, and non-powder iteration possible ended up streaky on me. I looked like I put it on during an Indy 500 race with the windows down.

But makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, Butter London’s global color ambassador, solved my dilemma with the most genius tip ever: First, dip your middle and ring fingers (whichever side you want to start with) into the blush to get just enough pigment, and press your fingers together with the matching fingers on your opposite hand, gently warming the formula. Then, dab the color onto both apples of your cheeks at the same time, moving in little circles, like butterfly wings are massaging you. This way, you get the same amount of pigment on both sides of your face (hooray!), and—by dividing the formula in half when you rub your fingers together—you get the subtlest, most natural finish. Smart, right?

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