RIP, Crayola Has Officially Retired This Crayon Color

Say it isn't so!

As National Crayon Day rolled around on Friday, Crayola announced that its Dandelion color has gone to seed and will be wiped from the company's 24-count box set is sure to sadden crayon lovers alike, as this is the first time the manufacturer will be retiring a color from its box-set since its inauguration in 1903.

Taking to Twitter one day early to share the history-making news in a cheeky video featuring the animated crayon going on adventures around the world, Crayola tweeted, "Our beloved Dandelion decided to announce his retirement early! There's no taming an adventurous spirit! #NationalCrayonDay."

And while the bright yellow hue, which was introduced to the box-set in 1990, will be making its final bow, the company also revealed that they will be gifting us a brand new color during a retirement ceremony in New York City's Times Square on Friday morning.

Declining to share exactly what new color will be added to the set of 24, senior vice president of U.S. and global marketing at Crayola Melanie Boulden did offer a few clues.

"[I] can share two pieces of new information today: the first is that the new color will be part of the blue family and the second is this summer we are going to invoke our fans to name the new color because we want you all to be a part of Crayola history," she said during the announcement.

More details around the new addition are expected in May.

Watch the live-streamed ceremony above.

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