Hair Cowlick - Lead
Credit: Getty Images

Wayward strands can be tougher—and more exasperating—to corral than a new puppy. This is especially true when it comes to cowlicks, those stubborn sections that grow in the opposite direction of the rest of your hair. We talked to pro Sarah Potempa to figure out how to best keep them under control:

Attack Them While Wet
“If you let you your hair air dry, even a little, your roots will lay down however they want,” says Potempa. Apply a flexible gel (like Pantene Pro-V Root Lifter Spray Gel, $4; onto wet hair; then, comb the cowlick in the desired direction while you blow it dry using the nozzle for extra reinforcement.

Put Them in Their Place
After you’ve dried your air, smooth the errant area down using a brush, and pin it with a padded clip (Ricky's No Crease Bow Clips, $7;, which prevents crimping. It’s like a personal training for your strands. Keep it in until you head out for the day.

Bring on the Heat
For a quick fix, use a mini iron—which can get closer to your root than regular sized ones—to flatten the section (we like the Sarah Potempa Mini Touch Up Iron ($35; If your cowlick stays persistent, talk to your stylist about incorporating that extra lift into long blended, layers. With the proper cut, a cowlick can add loads of volume at the root or around the front of your hair," says Potempa.

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