Courtney McColgan, Founder of Bevel

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After watching a friend spend thousands of dollars trying—and failing—to become a jewelry designer, Courtney McColgan, 30, wondered why a crowd-sharing model like Threadless didn’t exist for jewelry. So in March 2013 she created one herself and launched Bevel, a site that allows users to vote on the pieces of jewelry they want produced.

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How is Bevel helping the fledgling jewelry designer?Courtney: The jewelry industry is kind of weirdly connected and somewhat aristocratic, and you need to know people to get your pieces in magazines or have money to hire a PR firm. So we wanted to make a platform where anyone can submit a design. It doesn’t mean we’re going to produce you, but people will focus on your designs and vote on them.

Who is your style muse?Courtney: Kate Hudson’s character in Almost Famous. I have a ‘70s vibe with some of my clothes, and I die over that coat she wears with the big fur collar. I actually have my mom’s vintage patchwork fur coat, and whenever I wear it at Sundance I literally get stopped for photographs. It’s an amazing piece. I also like Miroslava Duma. You just want to look at her.

What item of clothing are you planning on splurging on this season?Courtney: I’ve been following a new designer on Instagram named DylanLex. I haven't seen anything else out there like it. Think heavy metal meets glam, expressed in big bold silhouettes. Her pieces are an investment, but after a year lusting, it’s time to give in.

What are your workday and weekend uniforms?Courtney:My workday uniform has a touch of vintage and a splash of sparkle from one of our Bevel designers. I love my frilly cream skirt from a vintage shop in Long Beach, Calif., paired with a mesh white tank and distressed ankle boots. On the weekends, I love being comfy. Nothing is better than a big Vince sweater and some cut-offs.

You feel most creative when you're wearing…Courtney: A designer original from Bevel. It's inspiring to see what everyday people can create. I love learning about a designer's story, her inspiration and her influences, and seeing how all that translates into the pieces she creates.

—Michelle Hainer

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