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Courtney Love x Nasty Gal - 3
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After a sold-out hit earlier this year, '90s grunge queen Courtney Love is back with another Nasty Gal collection, and it's every bit as good as the first. There are the '90s-inspired babydoll dresses, like the ones from her previous collaboration, as well as a rich velvet cavalry coat, graphic tees, and racy burlesque-style bodysuits that touch on other decades.

"It's not just retro clothes," Love tells us over the phone. "I wanted to design clothes that are modern, that you can wear now, and not be reminiscent of another time." She's quick to clarify that by "modern," she doesn't mean "Calvin Klein minimalism," but rather a more-is-more aesthetic, which is why there's plenty of velvet, silk linings, and lace trimmings in the line-up. "I'm sort of a maximalist—that's why I'm loving Gucci so much right now," she says. "I like things with frills and flounces."

It's a new direction, yes, but not without a hit of nostalgia, like a pair of hot pants from her onstage days. Does she get annoyed that she's always associated with the '90s? "People associate me with [the decade], but I’m pretty up on things now, so I can be associated with anything," she says.

And perhaps that's the goal, especially since she has her eye on the ultimate sartorial prize: a fashion line that she can call her own.

"I'm looking to do my own line with a backer," she reveals. "Sophia [Amoruso] and I had a positive experience, and to do it for the second time will show my backers that I can do this. I know a lot about fashion—I used to be a costume designer’s assistant, and I also learned a lot from different stylists I’ve had over the years. I’m deeply, deeply interested in fashion."

No word yet on her own line, but when that time comes—fingers crossed—you can expect to find denim, a maximalist attitude, and lots and lots of dresses. Scroll through to see a few of the looks and shop the Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal collection, available now at nastygal.com.

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