Courteney Cox's Lunch Date Is Proof That Every Friends Cast Member Needs to Be on Instagram


Jennifer Aniston is on Instagram now. Lisa Kudrow is on. Courteney Cox is a pro. Need proof? Her latest post features Matthew Perry, who is most definitely not on Instagram, but judging by fans' response and even a few choice comments from other Friends alums, he needs to get on it, stat.

Cox's latest post shows a closeup of her and Perry together post-lunch. Everyone's all smiles and it's clear that these friends are pals in real life, not just on TV reruns. As often as they all hang out (and post about it), it would just be easier for everyone involved if the whole cast offered up the photos that everyone's hungry for.

"Guess who I had lunch with today....I KNOW!! Could I BE any happier?" Cox wrote alongside the photo.

Lisa Kudrow chimed in, writing, "Lucky lucky."

Throwbacks are go-to content for the Friends cast. Aniston leaped onto the platform with her own throwback photo and both Matt LeBLanc and David Schwimmer have both posted photos from the show onto their respective feeds. Fans love it, fans want more, and fans need Perry to get an account and join in on the fun.

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