Gale Weathers, is that you?


'Tis the spooky season and Courtney Cox is throwing it back to one of her most iconic roles: Gale Weathers. Fans of the Scream franchise have probably been binging all the flicks in the weeks leading up to Halloween and it turns out that Cox is doing just that. In a pre-Halloween tweet, she told her followers that she's in on all the memes poking fun at her character's bangs.

"It's Halloween and I thought I'd get in the spirit of things and watch some of the Scream movies," Cox said. "I chose Scream 3 and I noticed that Gale Weathers has those infamous bangs."

Cox insisted that there's absolutely nothing wrong with the style, even going as far as saying that she hoped that the style would come back.

"I don't think anything's that wrong with it, check it out," she said. "I think they're cool. I say I can bring it back. Let's see."

Cox proceeded to actually slice her own bangs, recreating the tiny fringe.

Courteney Cox
Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

"I like it," she said once her chop was complete. "What do you think?"

And because it was a Scream tribute, there was a jump scare. Just as Cox was wrapping up, Ghostface popped out and made her, well, scream.

Cox told People that she did have some say in how her hair looked during the filming of all four films.

"I liked to change her hair every time," Cox said. "I had these bangs and they were cut too short. At that time in my life, I wasn't the kind of person who would say, 'You know what? These are too short. We need to get new bangs.'"

She also revealed that the hair in the movies was actually fake. There's no word on whether or not today's Halloween stunt involved her real hair, but Cox does say that she learned a lesson on set when she realized that her baby bangs didn't look as great as she thought. With that learning experience in mind, something tells us today's cut was just for show.

"I was just like, 'Oh, well, okay, oh God, they don’t look great,'" Cox added. "In reality, I should have said, 'No, no, no we have to get new bangs.' I did not stick up for myself and hence I look horrible. That was a big lesson — take care of yourself."