Fact: On the "fun ways to spend a Friday night" scale, moving furniture lands somewhere between a getting a colonoscopy and enduring jury duty. Unfortunately, that's exactly how Courteney Cox kicked off her weekend — but at least she added a little fun with it.

The actress recreated that now-iconic couch scene from season five, in which Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Ross (David Schwimmer) try to maneuver a couch up an unreasonably tight New York City stairwell.

Surprise, surprise — there were some hiccups! Oh, '90s sitcoms, how we miss your simplicity. Cut to Ross scream-yelling "Pivot!" while turning red in the face as all parties attempt, and fail, to remain cool.


From another angle:

And let's not forget that the whole thing elicited this beautiful reaction from Chandler:

Now that we're all caught up on that, back to Cox. The actress enlisted the help of a couple handy dudes for assistance moving a very stylish (and very heavy-looking) table down a narrow hallway and then through a doorway. You already know the instructions she gave.

The 54-year-old can also be heard telling the movers, "Don't scratch the walls!" Um, hi, Monica? Are you still in there?

The Instagram learning curve is fairly high for the Friends alum, who joined the social media game just two months ago. With a little help from close personal friend Ellen DeGeneres, she recreated Central Perk's infamous interior, and posed alongside Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) on everyone's favorite orange couch.

In sum: Come for the Friends references, stay for archival photos of blondes with bad bangs.